Before you ask Dr. Burke your eye related questions, we thought you might want to learn about Dr. Burke, an eye doctor in Grove, Oklahoma.

Dr. Burke, Who Are You?
Learn about an eye doctor in Grove, Oklahoma.

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Dr. Burke: Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Burke, and I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself.

Question: Dr. Burke, where are you from?

Dr. Burke: I was born in Canada, and during my high school school years, my family moved to the United States, specifically North Carolina.

Question: Dr. Burke, what is you your educational background?

Dr. Burke: I graduated from North Carolina State University in four years. I received bachelors degrees in microbiology, biochemistry, and chemistry. I then went ahead and furthered my education at Pennsylvania College of Optometry where I received another bachelor’s degree in visual sciences and a doctorate in optometry.

Question: Dr. Burke, what is your experience in optometry?

Dr. Burke has experience with
corneal ulcers, glaucoma,
macular degeneration,
cataracts diabetic eye diseases,
dry eyes, and etc.

Dr. Burke: I have been practicing optometry a little over twenty two years, and I have worked extensively with children, the elderly, and all ages in-between. I have worked in various settings such as HMO environments, commercial, ophthalmology, and private practice.

I generally do comprehensive eye exams, and I also do emergency care such as a corneal ulcer, which needs to be treated right away. I do prescribe glasses and contact lenses, and I manage and co-manage many eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic eye diseases, dry eyes, and many others. Currently, I practice in beautiful Grove, OK in a private family practice called Burke Eyecare.

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